Is It Possible To Have A Great Date?

From Disaster to Date


There are many disasters in life, and some are major while others are small. Most people face small disasters on a regular basis, and they see life as a difficult path to follow. For those who are single, any disaster can be overwhelming. They often feel alone in life, there is no partner to help ease them through it, and they must handle everything on their own. If they meet the right person at the right time, they could go from disaster to date in a very short time.

Many single people have strong connections to family and friends, but disasters are not always something they feel they can share. If their vehicle breaks down suddenly, they might hesitate to call and ask for help. If a stranger comes along and fixes the problem for them, they will suddenly feel they are not completely alone. Going out for coffee might be an invitation that could turn a single’s disaster into an opportunity to expand their social life in new ways.

The freedom of being single is often marred by the fact that even small disasters mean coping alone. There is no partner to help when the plumbing does not work, and there is nobody there when dinner burns. These are not major disasters, but they deeply affect the life of the person dealing with them. Being married gives the other person someone to help figure out how to fix the plumbing, and they might also be able to salvage dinner with takeout or a new recipe from what is left in the house.

Life is often difficult for many people, and there is no guarantee that even being in a relationship will ease the strains. For those who have been facing life alone, being single is more about lack of support than freedom. When even a small disaster strikes, they carry the burden on their own. Turning to friends and family is not always an option, and that makes their life more difficult to bear.