Is It Possible To Have A Great Date?

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There are millions, perhaps billions, of stories about dates that have gone very wrong. Many of them are a comedy of misunderstandings and errors. Some of them are about people who went to the wrong place. Others stories tell about the outdoor picnic where a couple was deluged. Fortunately, there are stories about dates where everything went right. This is true of even first dates. There are the stories of people that luck smiled upon. The stories may not be as good as the bad ones, but they are still stories worth mentioning.

A story about a great date is one where both people were ready at the appointed time. Their destination was an outdoor concert. It happened just the way it should, and there was light traffic and easy parking. The band was ready to play on time and they hit every note perfectly. The picnic lunch she packed was tasty, and everything looked great. These types of dates don't happen often, but they do occur.